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Looking for CHEAP BOOKS and EBOOKS from Various Authors?

Get cheap Pre-loved (Second-hand) books and EBOOKS from Various Authors here!


Available Authors:

Anne Mather - Author of "Smokescreen"
Anne Rice - Author of "Interview with the Vampire"
Catherine Coulter - Author of "Born to be Wild"
Charlotte Lamb - Author of "Runaway Wife"
C.S. Lewis - Author of "The Chronicles of Narnia"
Debbie Macomber - Author of "16 Lighthouse Road"
Elizabeth Gilborth - Author of "Eat, Pray, Love"
Emily Griffin - Author of "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue"
Eve Langlais - Author of "His Teddy Bear"
J.D. Robb - Author of "Immortal in Death"
J.K. Rowling - Author of "Harry Potter" series
John Grisham - Author of "The Pelican Brief" and The Firm"
Jude Deveraux - Author of "First Impressions"
Judith McNaught - Author of "Perfect" and "A Kingdom of Dreams"
JRR Tolkien (LOTR Collection) - Author of "The Lord of the Rings"
Linda Howard - Author of 'After the Night"
Meg Cabot - Author of "Princess Diaries"
Nicholas Sparks - Author of "Message in a Bottle" and "The Notebook"
Nora Roberts (110+ titles) - Author of "Carolina Moon" and "Birthright"
Paulo Coelho - Author of "The Alchemist:" and "The Pilgrimage"
Robert Kiyosaki - Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"
Sandra Brown - Author of "The Rana Look"
Stephenie Meyer (6 titles) - Author of "The Twilight" series
Tom Clancy - Author of "Red Storm Rising"
Harlequin Authors (100++ titles)

** More authors and titles are posted regularly! **



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